Gift Card Fundraising
September 8, 2022

Lloydminster and District Co-op's Gift Card Fundraising Program helps local community groups, teams, clubs, and non-profits raise funds to support their activities and operations. 


  • Co-op gift cards ordered for the purposes of fundraising are only available to local registered charities, non-profit groups, and community organizations. For the purposes of this program, local is defined as groups operating within Lloydminster and District Co-op's trading area.
  • For-profit businesses are not eligible for this program, nor are any registered charities, non-profit groups, and community organizations operating outside Lloydminster and District Co-op's trading area.
  • Organizations requesting a fundraising gift card order must be approved by Lloydminster and District Co-op prior to any order being fulfilled.
  • Approved groups may receive a maximum donation of up to $10,000 per fundraising annum. In the case of this program, the fundraising annum is September 1 to August 31.


  •  $2,000 to $4,999 — Receive 4% back 
  • $5,000+ — Receive 6% back 
  • To a maximum donation of $10,000 per group per fundraising annum 

The discount will be applied upon group approval and receipt of full payment of Co-op gift card order. The discount is dependent upon on the total dollar value of Co-op gift cards purchased at one time. Co-op gift card purchases cannot be combined over the course of the fundraising annum. 


  • Orders must be paid for by cash, group cheque, or debit. 
  • Gift cards are available in $100 denominations (other denominations can be requested to a maximum of $1,000 per gift card, which if requested lengthens fulfillment timelines) 
  • Lloydminster and District Co-op requires a minimum of two weeks' notice on all Co-op gift card orders, and fulfillment timelines may vary in peak season. 
  • Equity is not earned on any fundraising gift card orders. 
  • Fundraising gift cards are only redeemable on products purchased in-store. Maximum 10 cards can be redeemed per transaction. Bulk deliveries excluded. 

Order Lloyd Co-op Fundraising Gift Cards here. 

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