Try it Grilled
June 30, 2022

This summer, the Lloydminster Co-op Marketplace produce team invites you to “Try it Grilled”! Did you know you can grill almost any fresh fruit or vegetable? Grilling adds a smoky depth and unique texture to your veggies and can add sweet caramelization to the sugars in fruit.

The nutritional value of vegetables and fruit stays intact when you grill, and it’s the next best thing compared to eating them fresh.

Preparation is complete in just minutes, and you can season with a range of your favourite herbs and spices. Our local produce team loves the simplicity of olive oil, salt and pepper, and a squeeze of fresh lemon when the veggies are finished grilling. Fresh grilled fruits are delicious when finished with a hit of fresh mint, a squeeze of citrus, and sprinkle of brown sugar.

Try it Grilled! Explore a range of decadent recipe ideas for grilled veggies and grilled fruits.

Corn Recipe

Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Peppers Recipe

Onions Recipe

Cabbage Recipe

Romaine Hearts Recipe

Mushrooms Recipe

Zucchini Recipe

Asparagus Recipe

Yams Recipe

Potatoes Recipe

Watermelon Recipe

Citrus Recipe

Pineapple Recipe

Strawberries Recipe

Cantaloupe Recipe

Apples Recipe

Avocados Recipe

Tomatoes Recipe

Orange Recipe

Melon Recipe

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